Movie news for 26.07.2017 – Mads Mikkelsen will once again perform in the role of villain


Mads Mikkelsen will play the main negative role in the film adaptation of the novel by Patrick ness “chaos Gait” from the Studio Lionsgate, which after “Twilight”, “hunger games” and “Divergent” does not leave attempts to find a new franchise for the audience-teenagers and young adults. Starring in “Do the chaos” play by Tom Holland (“spider-Man: the Return home”) and Daisy Ridley (“Star wars: the force Awakening”).

The action in “chaos Gait” is set in the town of Prentisstown, in the New world – on a planet colonized by humans, where as a result of infection with an unknown germ is destroyed all women. In the center of the story “Went chaos” – a young man named Todd Hewitt, who lives with two adoptive fathers, Ben and Killian. In Prentisstown each person hears the thoughts of others through a so-called Noise, stream of images, words and sounds that left the inhabitants no personal secrets. Todd discovers that there is a place of absolute silence and there are even people who are able the generate silence and mystery that had enveloped the city requires in order to escape from this totalitarian world and to fight for the truth.

From Mads Mikkelsen in “Gait chaos” is an objective, as usual, is simple and banal – as a major Prentisstown to hunt the main character in the performance of Holland. Takes “March of chaos” by Doug Liman (“edge of tomorrow, Bourne Identity,” “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”), and the script was written by Oscar-winner Charlie Kaufman (“Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”), so maybe for a change a new project, Lionsgate will still be something more interesting than the standard teen romance in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The filming process “Went chaos” starts later this summer. The premiere is scheduled for may 1, 2019.

Movie news for 26.07.2017 – Mads Mikkelsen will once again perform in the role of villain

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