Movie news for 28.07.2016 – James Cameron praised the script for “Alien 5”


The film with the working title “Alien 5” was a really good script. Anyway, is this characteristic gave him the Creator of the movie “Aliens” James Cameron during a press conference in the framework of the festival Comic-con 2016.

“I think that it very adequately develops the story. He shared a text with me, I with full confidence can say that this is a strong script that you can film tomorrow. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about production prospects, as I am familiar with the current project Ridley. I can only hope that the Studio will find a place for both films. Maybe in a parallel universe, ” he said.

Cameron has already confirmed that he considered a failed idea of the murder of corporal Hicks and newt in the third part. “It was a real slap in the face to fans. Fincher is my friend, he’s really a brilliant Director, without any reservations. But it was his first major project, and he is completely controlled by the Studio. David was appointed to the post at the last moment, and the script was rewritten literally on the fly, so it’s not very good. It was a big mistake,” he added.

James Cameron also spoke about a few curious moments during the filming of “Alien”. In particular, he said that during the filming of a stunt with the knife, which showed the Android Bishop was not applied fast shooting: actor lance Henriksen is so good machetes that have performed the trick on their own.

Movie news for 28.07.2016 – James Cameron praised the script for “Alien 5”

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