Movie news for 29.06.2017 – Charlize Theron about her fight with a girl and interest in villains


Very soon on the screens will be a spy action Thriller David Litch “Atomic blonde” (Atomic Blonde), where the main role was played by Charlize Theron. 41-year-old actress created the image of an agent Lorraine Broughton, and spoke about the film magazine, W Magazine, becoming the heroine of the cover of its August issue.

About his character from the movie “the Atomic blonde”:
Lorraine is a little bit like bond. He drinks a lot of martinis, right? Shaken but not stirred. Yes, she and James are equally flawed. Maybe they should get married. They have a baby. It would be an interesting child.

About shooting the action scenes and the fight with the girl:
Re-enactment of the battle was not easy, but it is like dancing, and I grew up in the ballet class. I love the discipline. Work well in a given framework, know what to do. For example, I had to give myself the ballet without the rest, which young girls well. Practiced a lot for the movie. Before him, I only once had to fight a girl in Milan. At that time I worked as a model. The girl at the bar was aggressive, pushed me. My body just took over. Director David Litch said that she does not hit the wrist, so as not to break it, but it uses elbows and knees. Staged fight scenes he relied on my strengths. We wanted the audience to feel the pain.

The journalist in the course of the conversation I remembered that Charlize had to play hard, even evil, women. For example, in the movie “snow white and the huntsman” (Snow White and the Huntsman) she got the role of Queen Ravenna.

Playing Ravenna was a lot of fun. She is obsessed with the youth, and besides, a psychopath. I was always fascinated by disgusting behavior. I for many years wondered why people do terrible things. Read books, looking for the answer to the question, what caused deviant behavior: nature or nurture? Some part of me wants to understand the darkness. Thus, to play an evil character – catharsis for me, a free ride for the soul, because nothing bad will happen, but there is the opportunity to explore, ‘ said Theron.

About his superpowers:
I’m a great driver, but also really good at cleaning the house. Love to come back from a trip and opened the suitcase, doing Laundry at 4:30 in the morning because was so tired from the trip. Can’t control myself – I can get out of the house because clean and can’t stop. The worst is when on the set don’t get what you want. The tension building up, so clean in your trailer corners with a toothbrush.

First kiss:
It happened in my yard, in South Africa when I was 12 years old. The boy’s name was Mickey Smith. He wore braces and worked at the local video store. I always wanted to see him and flirt. We were both very nervous about the kiss. Planned to kiss in weekend watching “Friday the 13th” (Friday the 13th), but in the end long, lost time, and when Mickey’s mum called him home, we kissed in a terrible rush.

Movie news for 29.06.2017 – Charlize Theron about her fight with a girl and interest in villains

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