Movie news for 29.07.2016 – Disney is preparing a sequel to “the Rocketeer”

Disney is preparing
the continuation of the adventure comic book action “the Rocketeer“. According to sources of the website
The Hollywood Reporter, in the heart of the project entitled “Rocketeers” (The Rocketeers) will not pilot cliff Sikord, and African-American girl.

In the original 1991 Sikord, a test pilot in Los Angeles in 1938, receives a secret jetpack. The invention was born in the design office Howard Hughes and became the hunted of Nazi Germany. The Nazis are going to get supergadget for the army, acting through the Hollywood celebrity Neville Sinclair.

In the new version, called sequel-reboot events will take in 1944 and replace the main character, organizing the disappearance of the cliff Secord. The pilot lost during the battle with the Nazis, and the jetpack moves his young black counterpart. She needs to stop bad scientist steal the drawings of the invention, which could be a turning point in the Cold war.

Got this writers
Max Winkler and
Matt Spicer.

“The rocketeer” was based on the cult series retro comics
Dave Stevens published since 1982. Picture
Joe Johnston was warmly received by critics, but flopped at the box office, not even reached 50 million in fees with a budget of $40 million.

Movie news for 29.07.2016 – Disney is preparing a sequel to “the Rocketeer”

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