Movie news for 29.09.2017 – Became known release date of the sixth “Terminator”


For the past few days that Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron intrigued us with new details about the upcoming “terminator 6”, and now finally became known to the main question – when is this the “Terminator” will appear in theaters. The official release date of the painting – July 26, 2019. Competitors in the “Terminator” on the release date no – though a week there is a live remake of “the Lion King”, but it is unlikely the Duo of Cameron-Schwarzenegger that would do it.

From the words of Schwarzenegger and Cameron, we already know that the “Terminator 6” will ignore the events of the past films (and, in particular, the disastrous “Terminator: Genesis”). Now been officially confirmed that, firstly, the events of “Terminator 6” will take place in the framework of a “alternate timeline”, and, secondly, the film itself generally will be a direct sequel to the first two installments of the franchise which is rightfully considered to be fans of the “Terminator” of the cult.

“This is the continuation of the story of “Terminator” and “Terminator 2″. And we pretend that all the other movies were a nightmare. Well, or alternate timeline, that in our multi-universe allowed,” explained Cameron himself.

Tim Miller, the Director of “Deadpool”, which will direct the filming of “Terminator 6”, said that artificially rejuvenate Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had to mark the 70th anniversary, will not – but the aged hero somehow logically explain.

Schwarzenegger in “Terminator 6” will play, according to rumors, the person speaking “prototype” for the “Terminator”, the film will be back Linda Hamilton, whom viewers know as Sarah Connor.

Movie news for 29.09.2017 – Became known release date of the sixth “Terminator”

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