Movie news for 30.09.2017 – James Cameron again criticises the “Wonder woman”


Not so long ago James Cameron, who we all know as the Creator of “Titanic”, “Terminator” and “Avatar,” admitted that the opinion is not shared by many and nothing special / revolutionary in the acclaimed “Wonder woman” sees. Of course, Cameron immediately struck a wave of criticism, but regardless of that, right James or not, is to pay tribute to him – the Director continues to stand his ground and defend their own point of view.

Previously, James Cameron said that “Wonder woman” is a “step back”, and the main character, played by Gal gadot – is “objectified icon”. As an example, what should be the heroine of an action-movie, Cameron gave Sarah Connor from “Terminator”. After criticism from the fans of “Wonder woman” and the film’s Director Patty Jenkins James, apparently, there was something to add:

“I still hold said. Yes, she is a former Miss Israel, she wears a tight costume, she is absolutely, stunningly beautiful. But to me it’s not a breakthrough. Raquel Welch did it in the sixties”.

Cameron likened heroines Gal gadot (“Wonder woman”) and Linda Hamilton (“Terminator”):

“Linda looked great – just was treated as a sexual “object”. In her character there was nothing sexual – it was her pain, her willpower, her determination. She was mad, she was difficult… We did not enter history in order to some like to her admired, but she was in the center of the plot, and by the end of the film the audience loved her”.

“I applaud Patty for what she made this film, and Hollywood for that, uh, a woman “allowed” to shoot a big-budget action, but I still don’t think that “Wonder woman” was something revolutionary. I think it was just a good movie and the point”.

Movie news for 30.09.2017 – James Cameron again criticises the “Wonder woman”

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