Movie news for 31.07.2017 – “Dunkerque” was criticized for the historical inaccuracy


It turns out, not everyone is excited about the new film by Christopher Nolan. Some journalists and military leaders remained unhappy with the way the writer-Director displayed on the screen of the Dunkirk operation.

Bloomberg View wrote that “Dunkerque” “deceives spectators, furnished with everything as if the British resisted Nazi Germany all alone, when France surrendered. Although in reality hundreds of millions of Imperial subjects stood with them.”

And edition Times of India quoted Lieutenant-commander Royal Navy of India, who noted that the film “missed the opportunity to tell about the heroism of Askarov” (lascari is the East India sailors. — Approx. ed.).

Nolan previously said that the “Dunkerque” should not be taken as a war film that is, above all, “story of survival”. But historian Joshua Levine, who worked as a historical consultant on the project, said in an interview with BBC News: “the purpose of this film was not to tell the whole story of the Dunkirk operation as a whole. And even at all desire we would not be able to do it in the allotted time. In this picture focuses on multiple protagonists whose paths sometimes intersect and each of which is only a piece of this history. But I would love to see an Indian film about Dunkirk or the Second world war in General. I sincerely hope that Indian filmmakers will take this stuff.”

Sounded, of course, as a mockery, considering the quality of most bollywood films. But perhaps Joshua Levin really was sincere.

We will remind, “Dunkirk” is in the Ukrainian box office from July 20.

Movie news for 31.07.2017 – “Dunkerque” was criticized for the historical inaccuracy

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