Movie news for 31.07.2017 – “Thor: Ragnarok” will be the shortest Marvel movie


Secretly, Waititi, the Director of “Thor: Ragnarok”, has shared new details about the film: according to the Director, the final part of the trilogy about Thor with Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and mark Ruffalo in the lead roles has all chances to become the shortest film of kynoselen MCU, which currently consists of 16 films and 10 years of existence.

The longest MCU movie is released in 2016 “the First Avenger: the Confrontation” which is 147 minutes or 2 hours 27 minutes. But “Thor: Ragnarok”, according to the Director, will go only 100 minutes. However, as noted Taika, Waititi, almost 80% of the film is pure improvisation of the actors, and, given the record-a small MCU for the duration and that showed in the trailers, while “Thor: Ragnarok” looks like a friendly “skit” of the actors, not the superhero blockbuster, with an impressive budget.

“The current version I think is about 100 minutes. “Thor 3″ will not be some super long movie. I believe that history is much more interesting if make the audience want more of it – and in the film something is happening all the time, if the film lasted three hours, everyone would just tired,” he explained, Waititi.

It turned out that 80% improvisation actors in 100 minutes in length, will know very soon.

Movie news for 31.07.2017 – “Thor: Ragnarok” will be the shortest Marvel movie

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