Narco: Season 3: a Soap about Cali 27.09.2017

After the end of the second season of “Drug” Pablito still left the building feet first, the question was the edge — where further to move the series, which was previously kept exclusively for his signature charm inveterate scoundrel and a good man. Historiography of the Colombian drug cartels suggested to the authors that have a lot of options — the third season was to describe the history of archenemies of Medellin, the Cali cartel, since he has already partially appeared early and even helped valiant DEA money the CIA under the alias “Los Pepes” kill the competitors.

And it would be a show good, good and Pacho, and Chepe horror as charismatic in their serial versions, however, the writers, already tired by long parting with Escobar, for some reason decided to spit on the story of the ascent of “the gentlemen of Cali”, and went immediately to their sunset — namely to the history of the cunning plan of putting. And everything here was beautiful, and bought the President, and then unbelted partners and competitors, and “chess player” at the head of the cartel, but in fact it suddenly turned out that the story is not banal of nerve. To observe accounting and legal chicanery, which led eventually to the fall of the ringleaders of the cartel and the establishment of the North valley, in fact, a dreary occupation, and melodramatic stories fucking with ex-wives, many children, older and younger, and all this in the interiors of Colombian haciendas, HAZ and safe houses quickly transformed the once tightly knit series in the usual Latin American soap.

In fact, a long half-season in front of us painfully put figures on a chess Board, they say, is the chief accountant, the banker, and the son of a lawyer, and is a son Gopnik, while behind the scenes there was endless mournful tapping and all, which is that flies do not die. In General, by the time when planting older brother Orihuela (last name is) and begins a long-awaited tour, you simply will not believe your eyes, really in the frame is something going on?

Besides the time we finally found out that in addition to imposing Pacho in the frame is interesting to watch not for the same type of Bandos and boring mbeanname, but only for a little not only sufficiently fictional character — “Signor the wire” Jorge Salcedo. He’s the one in the shot develops, he’s the one something in my life happens for him, one worried, plus it’s almost one in the frame at least something playing, planning something, as you move the plot. I think if it wasn’t for him, Cali still would be in place. And with it, the second half of the season dramatically quickened, remembering the height.

On place up and Thriller, a mystery, a Thriller, and even some drama in the style of “Better call Saul.” In General, all tell him thank you. Because in this light the following, stated the Mexican season could not take place, the more that you’ve recently killed an external producer for “Drug” looking for locations in the country of tequila and paella. His car was found near the road, riddled with bullets and utknulsya in cactus. As they say in Hollywood canceled the projects for less. Sicarios not kidding.

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Narco: Season 3: a Soap about Cali 27.09.2017

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