New for the month of October: “blade Runner 2049”, “Geostorm” and national cinema 01.10.2017

If this past September rent consisted essentially of three films, the upcoming October, in this sense, it is expected that richer is Patriotic names Yes some of sredneplastichnye, it’s that sort of season, interesting releases literally have to look out for with a magnifying glass, simultaneously trying to figure out what’s broken in the world of the cinema machine. However, everything in order.

A new season is the first in a long time, TRU-blockbuster, October 5 celebrate the long-awaited “blade Runner 2049Denis Villeneuve, in which Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling will develop the legacy of Ridley Scott and Philip K. dick about the Replicants and hopes for the film is incredibly high, Western critics have called the newcomer a kind of “Road rage” this year.

The main novelty is so tightly will crush the rental (in fact, until November, it’s just no match), what an amazing way this week and more rich in srednjebanatski. Here will try anything to collect the sports drama “Borg/McEnroe“, vigevanese Thriller with Kate Winsletthe mountain Between us” and domestic Comedy script who withdrew his name from the credits GooseberryLife ahead“.

12 Oct visible leaders among the newcomers don’t plan to in the shadow “of Bladerunner” will start suffering domestic space film based on real events “Salyut-7“, animation full movies “My little pony” and for some reason moved here with empty Sep and therefore forced sredneroznichnaja ZHZL-drama with Tom cruiseMade in America“.

October 19 , in turn, comes another blockbuster, this time much less of certain qualities, both spectator and commercial. To start out disaster film “Geostorm, “which seems deliberately made a rip-off of the movie “day after tomorrow”, which is already 13 years old. Some novelty here is that bring unnatural causes or some around this detective.

Other freshman of the week becomes the next domestic game fantasy about popdance “the Last hero“. Kids for fun, if you be willing.

Well, complete the list of Prime Oct two is unclear why the sequel,”skyline 2” will once again return to the idea of massive special effects of an alien invasion, and “Saw 8” for some reason would get from the graves of long-dead John Kramer, nicknamed the Saw.

If this kinoekrana not enough, here’s the latest: rental finally out took out all his incessant hype name Polonskaya court costume drama about the king and the ballerina “Matilda“. I hope that no cinema will not be affected.

The column “news of the month” goodbye to you until November, over all possible changes and clarifications of the schedule of hire keep an eye on the page new movies 2017.

New for the month of October: “blade Runner 2049”, “Geostorm” and national cinema 01.10.2017

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