New items August: “the Dark tower”, “Valerian”, “Little drive” 30.07.2017

If in July the rent actually went into hibernation, even formally with the blockbuster in a week, then August can’t show here, because five calendar weekends here have just two overseas heavyweights, plus two more for some reason moved from June and July (which always leads to a fall, and do not increase fees), but otherwise the rental is filled with so unclear that if the Russian box office in the end will not break down the support level of five million dollars for the weekend, it will be very surprising. What awaits us in September, even scary to think. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, and will go in order.

So on August 3, on the screens out one of the most anticipated films of the year — fantasy film adaptation of Stephen king’sDark tower“. Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey will compete for the us full story necrosociety Arrow in a post-apocalyptic world, how it will be good or bad, determine the results of, but so far the visual part at least the trailers are presented well.

As an alternative to novice distributors proposed two detectives — “Abduction” with Halle berry and “Windy river” with Jeremy Renner.

A week later, on August 10, in the office of overseas schedule is the next “the Curse Annabel“, and we have the efforts of the distributor in this timeslot was moved from August new large-scale fantasy blockbuster Luc Besson’sValerian and the City of a thousand worlds“in which Besson has returned to the style of “the Fifth element”, and everything was very promising, and the sale of rental rights around the world has allowed Besson to immediately recoup duchatellier the cost of special effects, but the overseas launch was ultimately a failure, we advertise the film also did not see, so, alas, the sequels most likely will not. However, Besson did not go bankrupt, okay, we can once again witness the brand riot of colors in fantasycon space.

Aug 17, domestic distributors were able to erect a pyramid already from three tysjacheletnego, but should include saturation of only one crime Comedy with Sam Jackson and Ryan ReynoldsBodyguard killer“. In any case, it trailers very good.

The other two domestic Comedy “Grandma easy virtue” and rescheduled from July overseas cartoon “Emoji movie” in the best case will serve a number.

August 24, the case becomes quite bad — ultrasonografica end at all, their role is trying to take the only more or less visible film taxearly June hit,”Baby on the drive“, the movie all is well, why spoil it transfer to a dull August, while seeking the official painted 700 screens is a mystery.

From the rest of sredneplastichnye it should be noted Thriller “It comes at night” and costume drama “Tulip fever“. In addition, this week appointed a three-dimensional output remaster of “Terminator 2“, which is sort of pored personally Cameron, but that is so, we still will never know.

And finally, the August 31 end of summer suddenly Wake up domestic releases such as Thriller,”Goldeneye: the Beginning” and the almanac “About love 2“. However, the most interesting to our taste are just tutoshnie srednjebanatski — British dystopia “Secret of the 7 sisters” and the Imax-only opening of the series “Supermen“. The series, whose premiere is shown on the big screens for a lot of money — it is something unprecedented in itself, especially given the news about the losses, “Aymaksa” in the second quarter and plans to review the rental policy.

The column “news of the month” goodbye to you until September, about all the possible changes and refinements of the schedule of hire keep an eye on the page new movies 2017.

New items August: “the Dark tower”, “Valerian”, “Little drive” 30.07.2017

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