New review: 11.22.63 03.10.2017

Can’t share the enthusiasm about this series. About the book — too. Although I am a fan of the king has more than 30 years (he was surprised) experience, the last of his heavy labors personally, I have been a disappointment.

The idea of “11.22.63” is excellent, though not new. But the novel gradually sinking in a dull and long-winded melodrama, for which all else is mere background. The final crumpled, as if at the conclusion of this melodrama, the author has nothing more to say and he hastily rounded. Rounded very carelessly. Such a wretched alternative descriptions of the future from the king, I did not expect. And indeed that finale is just a variation on the theme of “sound of thunder” Bradbury. Oh Yes, there was the heartbreaking scene of the meeting with the old lady Sadie… But it is all already there.

And now, all these deficiencies have been lovingly and painstakingly transferred to the screen. Only the creators of the series added more of the melodramatic and other molasses like D. Franco, the smile which after a couple of episodes begins to ride the blood sugar. From that smile, and excessive idealization of the 60’s (there is also solid pop) and the show begins to resemble some kind of musical, where just about everything will start to dance and sing. Oswald, I must say, too operatic. Immediately obvious: a psycho and a villain. Although he’s not really in the business. The whole idea of attempting to prevent the Kennedy assassination is just an excuse to lure the viewer into a banal love story. Or rather, not to lure, and to give this history for something more. But apparently, the audience wanted to hear. “People like it”.


Stephen king for Housewives. Sickly, tearful, snotty. A musical without songs and dances. Staging Youth Theatre. Boring. Corny. Age limit: 18 minus. Popcorn required. Sweet

6 out of 10

New review: 11.22.63 03.10.2017

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