New review: 1+1. Breaking the rules 11.10.2017

A rich tetraplegic Philippe (Oscar Martinez) is looking for a mate, but that did not show neither pity nor compassion, which he’s already tired. Choosing from a heap of applicants with education and experience, he delet an unexpected choice in favor of random, loose boy with criminal tendencies named Tito (Rodrigo De La Serna). There can not tie an interesting story, the plot is good.

But watching this film I had the question “why?”

Why was it necessary to remove an exact copy of the very successful deaf dancers Yayi Fima 1+1 (“untouchables” in the original) of 2011?

If you throw out my memory of the first film, actually a remake of a very good. The actors play well, the music is great, the film is calm, unlike his original, which follows spokoistvie dynamic. The film is made qualitatively, in the film, such as beautiful mansions, restaurants, suits, spoils the picture only the fact that the film exactly photographed with the French. When watching I didn’t want to smile, to laugh, to differ from the same scenes in the original film.

With the same great actors you can make a new story, different from others. I don’t think the world is too big deficit of the writers and authors of books.

Can’t say I don’t recommend the movie for viewing. It is very pleasant to those who have not seen the first version.

His memory, and find a lot of remakes, imesa full right to life:

James Cameron “True lies” against a previously recorded movie by Claude Zidi “Total surveillance”

2 movie “Gone in 60 seconds”

2 movie “the Thomas crown affair”

And how many “Children of captain Grant” of different countries?

And how many Sherlock Holmes? And many many other films.

Me between all of these remakes and film “1+1 Breaking the rules” there is one important difference. These films have not been duplicated exactly to scenes and dialogues. Every Director has tried to convey his vision, even the same history. Moreover, most of the remakes, still was filmed later decades, when the Outlook on life have changed over the years.

I was always tormented by the question of how to rate the movie? What grade to put, so that would be fair and what would not offend other movies? On what criteria should I choose a rating from 1 to 10?

Since the another first film “1+1” I put 10, then this performance I would put 6, but for rough and naked “copy” all the same 5.

5 out of 10

New review: 1+1. Breaking the rules 11.10.2017

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