New review: 12 angry men 30.09.2017

The plot of the film develops around moralizing for humanity of history: the conviction of the perpetrator. All the facts in the face, and it would seem, what is easier than to act in conscience and render a verdict! But, as in any group, and society always is the one who will be against you. The man who will show himself reasonable, and others will put “beech.”

On the one hand, sentencing is undoubtedly a complicated matter and requires a serious and thorough reflection. But in this case, I had the feeling that here is shown not so much the very essence of the trial, and the confrontation of the characters are totally different people who “measure” the slope. So the picture leaves mixed feelings — what I wanted to show authors: mass inhumanity or the presence of residues of the mind in the light heads?!

Acting in the manner of the era in which the film is removed: everything is designed in the best traditions. However, do not quite understand the approach of the movie’s title: where does “angry” men? A little tied behind the ears.

New review: 12 angry men 30.09.2017

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