New review: 12 monkeys 11.06.2017

Realizing that past me as a kid were the work of very unusual and original film Director Terry Gilliam, I decided to catch up and to see, first and foremost, with the picture of the 12 monkeys</b>.

And that’s what I say – what a movie! Depressing, bleak, and emotional. Heavy story about how a time traveler sent back in time to prevent the spread of a deadly virus destroyed five billion people in the world, but the more time he spends in the past, the more you wonder whether his mission or is he just a paranoid schizophrenic, than trying to convince others. Oppressive sense of despair, cripta, the General atmosphere of madness – this film is gorgeous, but definitely not uplifting. Still in the 90s as it was a very bleak views about the future.

The actors worked very hard, Bruce Willis has proven itself worthy dramatic roles, his companion is charming and extremely convincing performance of Brad pitt reminded of Heath Ledger, and from me that’s a great compliment.

The plot keeps in suspense until the very end, the plot is not lost until the last minute, in the paradoxes of the devil himself a leg break. The entire film feel like watching a film adaptation of a renowned novel written by eminent author NF, which has more meanings than you can digest.

9 out of 10

All the same, no wonder it is a classic of the genre, and obvious proof of Gilliam’s skill as a storyteller and visionary.

New review: 12 monkeys 11.06.2017

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