New review: 13 reasons why 17.06.2017

I love TV shows about teenagers: growing up, love, pain, friendship, as fragile create all this experience and become stronger. This description certainly fits this series.

It engendered a lot of mixed thoughts.

1. 7 reasons from the whole list is complete garbage, which happened at least once with each in life — in short there is a problem in misunderstanding and in fear of the opinions of others. If Hannah knew how to protect themselves, to anticipate consequences, or simply was able to negotiate with their cowardly “friends” would be no tragedy ever came of it.

2. Strange how a list of garbage fall into serious crimes. Some imbalance, as if the writers were planning mega detective, and then not have enough imagination. And the behavior of Hannah (when she was the chief witness of all) — nothing distinguishes her from the cruel peers that she so hurt. She’s different “type”, the other is not similar at all, but why didn’t she do?…

3. In the end one gets the feeling that its sour it attracts trouble. Series 4-5 starts to be a feeling that this girl is the worst of all her abusers, so they took it upon themselves to accuse others of all her troubles. Who is she to do that?

4. I’m not well versed in American culture and the peculiarities of life in this country, but in my opinion this series is another proof, hypertolerant not lead to anything good. People here in the first place after a perfect offense I think I would be, from the point of view of the law, and how I should behave to stay safe.

Committed is not thinking about ethics, morals, conscience, and HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS.

5. Another annoying character is the Glue. As he pulled the rubber from these tapes. Can’t justify this feelings and pain. When a person wants to know the truth, he would not sleep for days, but will listen to all at once. Understand — it is necessary for 13 series of the show, but still… I, too, a fighter for justice.

I think it’s a girl too much poking around in my head, in such moments it is necessary to switch to a hobby, business, classes. Well, or to change the attitude of things, to be able to laugh at yourself, make mistakes and learn from them.

Watched the end because I wanted a reasoned explanation that would make me open my mouth and agree with her that the blame all around. But I not only never received, so still not clear who ultimately was convicted, and what happened to the others. If it’s for 2 seasons, then I probably look 1 series, and then… I think this story is over.

6 out of 10

New review: 13 reasons why 17.06.2017

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