New review: 13 reasons why 29.07.2017

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Judging by the high rating and laudatory reviews about the show, I was expecting to see social drama in the best traditions of the film “the Class” and “something not so with Kevin”, but I saw a tight pussy series about the suffering and suicide of a girl with a rich inner world of Hannah Baker. And the funny thing. You wouldn’t believe it, but my class was one to one, exactly the same girl that humiliated a lot stronger and with imagination, she was throwing tantrums, crying and all that. In the end, her shattered psyche and then she periodically began to mock and teachers (and you as thought?). But at one point the girl found the strength. And then she got up, dusted himself off, and scored on all the people around except for one girlfriend and I just began to learn. And gradually from it all behind. I was supposed to do and Hannah Baker at the beginning of his fall, if I had even a modicum of brains. Oh, she even … guys she’s not even the fact that at least parents or teachers (maybe the bourgeoisie are the others? Who knows) told about all the actions against her, or at least the police asked, she is not even a proper suicide note was not!

It would seem that the plot of the series is quite good. The main character seems to be the loser who has long been in the area of friendship Hannah. Now it’s not, come to him tapes and he instead to listen to them for the night and then quietly take them by the parent of HannahSheriff at worst your mother to a lawyer (which would make anyone who is adequate), he begins his own investigation and revenge.

But gradually the series is getting worse and worse. You realize that the main character, who is supposed to be the omega in the hierarchy is not just a strong personality, and a Holy man. On the other hand enemies Hannah pulled aggressively marginalized underclass, but it is a common people. The role of the degenerate claims only came from the lower classes of society Justin (and then a stretch) and muddy the photographer is a sociopath. Bryce is a very stupid decision the writers. You gotta be a real idiot to behave being a wealthy major with the prospects and the future (marginal’ve got nothing to lose). Generally it is seen that the creators of the series don’t know anything about the school hierarchy and the problems of adolescents and in people. Besides, in the show a lot of absurd scenes.

To me that’s not the least bit sorry for Hannah Baker. It is a stupid and selfish idiot and did everything in order to go through all of these events. The whole world was her needs during life, and after her suicide. Everyone was supposed to love her, to communicate with her. But who do you need, moron? Even yourself and you do not need. We should also mention the mother of Hannah, who suffers from similar ills. In the scene where she is talking to a lawyer on the toilet, in place of a lawyer I would have at least sent.

Have of the series and advantages. The three of them. The actress playing Hanna, who coped with the role 100 percent, the protagonist of the series, and aggressive black woman. Noticeable influence of the film “the Class”. And the last three episodes are not that bad.

Do guys real persecution is when you are coughing up five men, then beaten, and one writes it on a mobile phone and posts in Internet, and then svalivat in the mud (how humiliated my classmate), another classmate haunted one boxer who beat him and was forced to make a humiliating video series. I also was not on the top of the hierarchy, but I usually just humiliated verbally. Aggressively ignorant degenerates to hate. Man is a social animal. All men are beasts. Good people don’t exist. It has to be. Even friendship does not really exist. In short, read ethology.

And all the heroes that are bad and stupid TV show I would advise to learn from Tony. He quietly makes his homosexual Affairs, not caring about someone or opinion.

3 out of 10

New review: 13 reasons why 29.07.2017

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