New review: 14+ 29.07.2016

Going once we to watch with friends this movie. A large part of the company, as far as possible, dodged watching films, but later agreed. The beginning of the film was somehow not smooth, because everyone laughed, dropping jokes about Russian cinema, but ten or fifteen minutes later, everything suddenly calmed down, as children, intrigued by the bright and silly cartoon. The room was quiet, we heard only the rustling of bags of crisps and Fizz of Cola. Everyone present was definitely interested like a little friend so close, but at the same time so far away the turn of events. Nobody even noticed that same silence that remained in the room during the viewing of such a wonderful and good film, like “14+”.

I will begin with the banal, but nothing irreplaceable phrase, the film touches from the first minute. However, here is my mediocrity will continue, and flow into a smooth, but the other, the interpretation of this film is the first minute, certainly not for the plot. The film starts very simple and vital: a tired mom making comments to the son, angry and haggard a teacher, breaking a seemingly minor issue, and the usual after-school meeting with friends in the yard. The plot, such a serious, in principle, no, in the movie, but this is not its beauty, not this appreciated! Such friends in these frames has its own aesthetics, the atmosphere, which needs to be understood by every viewer in every age in its own way. A girl who meets the main character, as it turns out later that she was “hammered” those guys “in the neighborhood” who call themselves representatives of the school, fight, love, family problems — all this makes this film is filled with that atmosphere of romance, which everyone was looking forward or anticipating at this age.

It is foolish to ignore the name of this kind of film. Soul-searching, a misunderstanding on the part, first dates, kisses, UPS and downs in school — it begins with this most interesting age in life — 14 years. The name of the author is not wanted here so rude and just show the age of the main characters, he wanted to show that the relevance of this film begins to spread from this age, where these small problems and small victories are valuable, to understand that each separately.

Sufficient for adult and Mature man film will seem like nostalgia, but for a teenager, the best scenario for life.

New review: 14+ 29.07.2016

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