New review: 2001: a Space Odyssey 31.07.2017

I confess, “Space Odyssey” gave me is not what I was expecting. Movies of the 60s, which I love, is remarkable for the most part rich colours, the simplicity of the plot and, most importantly, positive attitude, which today seems somehow unnatural. Themes of space, conquer other planets and aliens in the decade flourished, however, shows “a Space Odyssey”, in 1968 was born the trend to remove more dark and believable.

Not in the least “Space Odyssey” gained popularity due to its stunning visual effects that still look surprisingly natural. The feeling is that Stanley Kubrick shot his film in this space, not with the use of miniature decorations. No computer graphics, and ships and vacuum if valid! No less impressive and shows a glimpse of technologies, whose arrival is expected in the third Millennium, including making a video call. Finally, we should not deprive the attention and the beginning of the movie, which shows our ancestors. Primitive primates appear literally alive, which is not good.

Speaking about acting, it is worth noting that the strong characters in the film, but it is connected, probably, with the performances of those years of emotionless humans of the future. One way or another, but to blame someone else in nedoigrannye also impossible. As strange as that may sound, but in the center of the plot are not people, and… the space. It’s huge, mysterious, and inconceivable…

All of the above, it would seem, should only delight, but there is in “Space Odyssey” kind of a dark side. Visuals, which saturated the film and give it such accuracy, it’s scary. When you view a lot of times wonder is it possible to do that in 1968? But it’s not the most important. What is really causing the feeling of something ominous is avant-garde music, sounding three times in the film and consisting of a continuous roar of howls. Curiously, this same music will later be performed in “Godzilla” (2014), but if there is it enhances the usual tense wait, the “Space Odyssey” affects all thin thread of consciousness of the viewer. Flight Bowman around Jupiter, and all can bring to mind the unprepared viewer, so it is unusual. The final main highlight of the film is the merit of Stanley Kubrick. What happened to Bowman? What was hinted by the Director? These questions are provided to allow the viewer, but it is not enough just to be smart.

Surprisingly, the “Space Odyssey” was filmed in the Soviet Union and in Japan, and in sober-minded America. It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that Stanley Kubrick produced the most outstanding (in respect of its philosophy) film in the history of cinema.

9 out of 10

New review: 2001: a Space Odyssey 31.07.2017

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