New review: 2:22 26.07.2017

Pythagoras said: “All things can be presented as numbers”. The number represented for ancient secret. They were symbols of the divine world harmony. The ancients believed that our life is controlled by numbers. Particular importance was attached to the person’s date of birth that determined his life path. Because these digital combination code a secret confidential information, which if correct decoding allows to predict his fate. 2:22. Mysterious numbers, isn’t it? However, films about the relationship of numbers and the life of man removed a great many.

Prologue. “When you fly in the night over new York, it seems that you under the millions of stars. And each of them is human life, which calls this town home. People in ancient times looked at the star patterns and trying to predict what will happen in life. And if you knew how to read these patterns, you can find out what was going to happen sooner than others. The light of every star needs many years to reach us, and the brightest stars twinkle before you die”

Synopsis. Dylan Bronson, a young employee of the new York airport. Unique ability in fractions of a second to assess the situation and to see in the chaos of the largest air Harbor of the Eastern coast of the order and regularities allows the dispatcher to successfully resolve any transportation conflicts. He likes to watch the trajectory, to build algorithms of takeoffs and landings. He’s crazy about heavenly routes in his mind, they formed a single picture. But one day something went wrong. 2: 22 — a turning point in life after which life will not be the same. He was responsible for a great disaster. Or, on the contrary, he was a hero who saved people’s lives?

Intrigue. The epicenter — station Grand Central. We suddenly realize that Dylan needs to live a life previously unknown to him, who was shot thirty years ago. And all this for the love of Sarah, the girl, the acquaintance with which became the catalyst for a mystical turn. Why? Why? How can this be? The answers you receive, and you need it?

This film from the category of “I’ll find you in 1000 years”, though so much waiting don’t have to. A fairly simple love story, with artificially overblown in the trailers and the synopsis to apocalyptic Thriller. Paul Curry made in the ordinary a magic flair and fateful significance. Speaking our language — “to rich look” (to say it is necessary exclusively with [g] fricatives) Characters, without knowing it, find ourselves embroiled in a strange game with a crime from the past, the birth of a supernova the life and fantasies of a madman. Of course, this affection of the optic nerve, but the tragedy with signs of reincarnation looks somewhat fake.

Reflection. In this tape is nothing new, but the familiar accents looks fresh and intriguing. Sometimes, “2:22” cozy, reminds me of “final destination” with its chilling breeze, “the number 23”, where the pattern numbers of the creeps, and sometimes you can barely hear the distant whispers of 2009 “Sign” with pillars of digital dependencies. The viewer will see the connection between the past and the present. If a little to cover his eyes, the film is reminiscent of the novels of Sarah gio. In her books, not a novel, a mystery from the past that you have to guess. The viewer sees that everything happens for a reason. Introduction, a locket, installation, all leading to the final solution.

It’s better to solve something else. Pattern, mystery, algorithm, being born and dying stars, 2:22 on the station clocks and who and truck other parts — most of the film will not be able to line up in the correct row in order to understand what is really going on. It’s confusing, but interesting to watch, because you expect unusual outcome which usually happens in such stories. The main idea of this story is as old as the world: everything is interconnected. Let’s just say if someone asks me whether they should watch “2:22” I will promice something unintelligible. If you ask me to watch “2:22” or spend a lifetime unlocking the eighth series “twin Peaks”, I will choose the second option.

6 out of 10

New review: 2:22 26.07.2017

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