New review: 2:22 30.06.2017

Dylan is an experienced air traffic controller. In his work he always calculates everything to the last detail. But one day, at exactly 2:22 of the day, it’s his fault nearly collided two aircraft. After this unpleasant incident, Dylan was excluded from work. He soon meet a girl named Sarah, who as it turns out, was flying one of the aircraft that almost crashed through the fault of Dylan…

To call this film a full-fledged Thriller, is probably not correct. Because here the main emphasis is still placed on the dramatic and fantastic content of the film, and he comes not to the fans of intricate stories and young couples and fans of contemporary fiction novels. BUT the fact that it’s more “fantastic romance” than a Thriller, does not take away from the film that it is quite interesting and thoughtful.

Shows the idea that time is still not a perpetual motion machine, and even such powerful forces can be samopovtory, quite interesting. Not new, but interesting.

The film was memorable camera work, pretty good story and probably melodramatic component.

The movie is not bad, but I’m personally not a fan of this movie.

7 out of 10.

New review: 2:22 30.06.2017

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