New review: 2:22 30.06.2017

Why I drew attention to this movie? Because it plays Teresa Palmer — actress is very pretty, with a charming smile. Then I watched the trailer — super. Stories about magical and fantastic events, with an unpredictable plot and ending has always attracted me. That’s why a ticket for “2:22” was bought in the day of the premiere. And now more about the film.

The supply was immediately reminded of the”Region of darkness” (and Yes, Michiel, Hausman — less cute likeness of Bradley Cooper). All these short scenes, a kaleidoscope of events — but if the”Areas of darkness” that alternates long scenes, explanations here — all is lubricated, do not have time to enjoy any scene, and you have the following slip. In addition, key points are not highlighted, all sweeps as 25 fps, to catch practically nothing, the time the film is painted on minutes, then jump in a few days, without any markers. I have the feeling that the creators didn’t understand how best to file the story. Understanding what comes after the movie, when it is possible to place accents and to think.

It is worth to say about the idea. My internal perception can not accept such a fantasy. Magic wand from the”Harry Potter”, pills, powers of the “Areas of darkness”, back in time in “Boyfriend from the future” — it all lends itself to some internal logic, well described and explained, and the theme from “2:22” — are clear, but the feeling of absurdity does not leave until the end.

And it is the finale of the film — the dialogues. Trite, predictable and very manipulative.

Of magnetic moments — the character of Sam reed. He is so disgusting that begins like. Yes, and there’s a story you can make sense after the movie. There are actors — not to say that their game is good, but I blamed it on the movie, which did not allow to reveal the fullness of emotions and skill. And yet, some of the scenes still make you feel goose bumps.

Either expectations were too high or the film itself failed. As a result, we have that the trailer was much more impressive than the film itself. Unfortunately.

6 out of 10

New review: 2:22 30.06.2017

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