New review: 2:22 30.06.2017

Recently, a rare dramatic Thriller is a genuine public interest, as the writers probably out of ideas, and they began to repeat the same thing, hoping that the viewer will not feel a dirty trick. Remember the last genre film makes you admiration? To answer this question difficult. As for me, my attention riveted very interesting, one might even say an extraordinary work of the Regiment Curry “2:22”, flirting with “destination” and many other intense thrillers do not give bored for a second.

At the head of the history is the air traffic controller Dylan (Michiel, Hausman). One day he had to endure unexplained emergency, after which his life goes downhill. Starting to notice strange omens around him, Dylan realizes that all this is clearly no accident. To make this to work friends or the police is pointless, from what his only support is a nice friend named Sarah (Teresa Palmer), who became the involuntary participant of alarm events.

“2:22” belongs to that category of movies that are intriguing from the first to the last minute. For Dylan and Sarah really care, as I don’t know for sure what the effect of their joint quest. Maybe with them playing games death, and perhaps even time itself! On this question we have to sweat until the very end, and not the fact that correct guesses will unfold before they will present the film.

I really liked how the worked in pair Michiel, Hausman and Teresa Palmer. Together they look expressive and bright. When they are in the same frame, between the slips of the so-called “chemistry”. This from my watchful eye is not exactly concealed. I think it is right that the Director has paid to the relations of the young people plenty of time as it will have built up the emotional core of the entire story.

I have no doubt that “2:22” will appeal to all fans of offbeat thrillers with a touch of mysticism and melodrama. If you want to spend a half hour with benefits and at the same time, the distractions are, this tape will fit you as it is impossible by the way. Pleasant viewing!

8 out of 10

New review: 2:22 30.06.2017

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