New review: 2:22 30.06.2017

Have you ever thought about the fact that coincidences are not random and we come into this world not just. Probably each of us at least once in their life was a non-standard cases, which caused surprise and other strong emotions, causing sincere bewilderment… And now imagine that you have a chance to explain exciting event, giving it meaning! This is what tells the new dramatic Thriller called “2:22”, forcing presses in a chair and expect a dizzying denouement to predict which is almost impossible.

The plot of the film revolves around a young and attractive air traffic controller Dylan performed by Michiel of Hausman. Getting enormous pleasure from writing the exact courses of the takeoff and landing of aircraft, once with Dylan going on a very strange occurrence, and he nearly becomes the main cause of the deaths of 900 civilians. After receiving a reprimand and becoming a cause of serious trials, the hero begins to notice that the events that occurred on that fateful day, happened for a reason. Day after day, and noticing new weird, Dylan tries to make the chain patterns and to understand what is with him in the end happened and where it leads…

In the capable hands of Director Paul Curry “2:22” is transformed into a juicy, full-bodied action spectacle, which in some moments are literally breathtaking. The tape is an explosive mix of romance, Thriller, mystery… And all the components of a story are organically intertwined, forming a perfectly balanced cocktail. Paul Curry masterfully wielding the suspense, and don’t forget about the warmth. In his film raises difficult questions about the randomness of everything that happens to us, but it leaves little outside attention and simple truths, among which is and banal love men and women.

My result: “2:22” you must look carefully to not miss a single important episode that may have fundamental importance to the plot. Get ready to discover the secret that can captivate you with his head and get from viewing only the most honest emotions!

8 out of 10

New review: 2:22 30.06.2017

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