New review: 2pac: Legend 01.08.2017

It happens the same way that watching another biography of any famous and now deceased person, whether musician, writer or anyone else, Willy-nilly begin to ask the question: would approve of this man is a movie about yourself? And if so, did he liked the movie or what this person showed on the screen? Moreover, the emergence of such questions does not depend on personal relationships to be viewed. The reasoning is at least interesting, although not having a definite answer. Anyway, the appearance of the film about Tupac Shakura, the person is considered to be one of the greatest rap artists in history, it was only a matter of time.

“Everyone is looking at me” (namely, as translated from the original title) — the life story of the great musician. The story of its ascent to the Olympus of fame, public recognition, the impact of his music on the minds of millions of people. That’s what the movie promises to be. And what it is not even a tenth.

Let’s take the closest example for comparison — “Straight out of Compton” (in our translation — “voice of the streets”). We can say that the biopic is about the participants of the rap group N. W. A. says, first of all, about the interaction of creativity with the world of Commerce and human relations. And what, then, “Tupac: the Legend”? It is in any case not a study of creativity of a musician and not even close to an attempt to understand his background. In fact, the Director benny Boom does not have any clear ideas and the most primitive definition of the genre biopic — a brief retelling of the biography.

Literally: in the beginning we show Shakur’s childhood with his sister and mother. After a couple of minutes — Tupac is an adult, he had a girlfriend, he’s moving to another house. Another moment and the hero is recording at the Studio their first album. Such haste is difficult to call the dynamics or the drive — rather, it is ruled a ball by His Majesty the confusion. Shakur as a musician here looms somewhere in the background: it seems that writes some songs, whole albums, it seems to be working. Understand about what speech? The film really does not feel the interest of the Director is, who is his hero.

Truly managed only a final. The time of the murder Shakur hits thunder over the head, and predposylki to him full of anxiety and premonitions of impending tragedy. And here is revealed the intention of the drafters in creating odes of praise Tupac (starring Demetrius Shipp Jr. is incredibly similar to its prototype). And the desire is good, it’s hard to argue. But in the end? The film, which, according to the remark of St. Fifty, was bound to become a classic, in fact, deprived of any coherent ideas and General awareness of the Director that he wants to remove. Returning to the written above, I have no idea how real Tupac Shakur would have appreciated this film. I know one thing: the musician clearly deserves something better.

New review: 2pac: Legend 01.08.2017

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