New review: 35-year-old schoolgirl 26.07.2017

“Modern high schools like an endless wasteland. Bullying, truancy, depression. All run by monsters school caste system. No matter what your role, you get tired of doing it. There are too few rays of hope. Can the 35-year-old schoolgirl to find something in this endless darkness?”

The answer to this question is obvious!

The main character Baba Ayako is an incredibly strong personality. She decides to go back to school, where he studied, 17 years later. To this she has personal motives associated with the tragic events in the past. Each episode slowly reveals the secrets of her past and reveals her interaction with her classmates. The school itself, incidentally, is also quite problematic for students and teachers.

In fact, bullying in schools in Japan is quite a serious problem, and it is very good that was more to create movies and TV shows involving the subject.

At first, nobody takes the new girl, but Grandma (that’s her name classmates) again and again proves that she can become part of the class and be a friend to each student. She becomes a prefect, helps to establish a good atmosphere in the classroom, supports the boys and girls who suffer most from bullying, participating in sports and creative life of the school. It is very cool! Anyway, she was the breath of fresh air that was needed for this place and people. At the same time it is given to her hard, she is constantly plagued by memories, she doubts the correctness of their decisions. But there are people who support it. Over time she makes friends, and support becomes even greater. In the series, great attention is paid to the importance of friendship and it is wonderful!

In the end, great series, good, light, sensual, with a wealth of funny and sad moments. Looks on the same wavelength! Highly recommended!

9 out of 10

New review: 35-year-old schoolgirl 26.07.2017

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