New review: 6 feet 12.10.2017

Seldom has a professional athlete can boast as dramatic biography, as Eric Lemark. Having talent skilled hockey player, a guy from an early age trained in order to conquer higher professional peaks. The pressure and commitment of Erica was taken into account by the coaches of the Olympic team of France, and in 1994, it has made the team. However, a long career of Lemark was not as obsessive and too high goals played a trick on him. Eric avoided a much more talented colleagues, has incredible abilities, while he himself had to achieve recognition of literally sweat and blood. So after a series of setbacks following the Olympics, guy had to find a job in a sporting goods store. But in this period happened an event that made all the news agencies of the world to remember who really is Eric Lemark?

Fresh dramatic film Scott In “6 feet” introduces us to Eric Lemark performed some almost forgotten, but still interesting Josh Hartnett (“the Faculty”, “30 days of night”). Gathered in a trip to the mountains, Eric decides to fully devote himself to snowboarding and suddenly disappears. Deciding to check on his favorite Board is the unknown of the trail, a guy wanders into the territory where survival of the fittest. And not the fact that it will be.

Realizing that the aid should not count, Lemark gradually clench teeth, forget old grudges and frustration, trying to get back to people, in safe and sound. But wild nature is in no hurry to let go of his unexpected guest… the Lemark has to fire, water and copper pipes, to finally understand who he is and finally stop thinking about unfulfilled expectations!

Scott In was not just a biopic, and attractive philosophical parable told by language dynamics and drama. I also want to say a few words about Josh Hartnett, who played one of the best roles in a decade. Eric Lemark in his performance was filled with emotions and experiences of a real person. We pass with him an endless path through the snow and maybe also be a little better. Isn’t that the magic of cinema?

Assessing the “6 feet” with fresh eyes, it is worth noting that the audience is not necessarily to know the biography of this Eric Lemark. It is possible to meet while watching the movie and learn all that is needed. The important thing is that the film was shot so powerfully that you most likely after watching themselves go to Network, to learn about the main character as much as possible. I think that Scott and company with their task brilliantly.

9 out of 10

New review: 6 feet 12.10.2017

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