New review: a Bad heart Buster 26.07.2017

While desperate times call for desperate measures, unusual nobility and charm of the actors. Rami Malek and DJ Qualls are probably one of the most memorable images of our time. Their latest project is so surreal that you wonder why this hasn’t removed any David Lynch in the era of his Hobbies Inland Empire?

The story takes place not in chronological order. Three stages in the life of Buster/John: one of them overgrown and unshaven man lives up to its “Bible” the name of the ion and lonely sailing in a boat, in the second the same man hiding in the woods, and the third shows the kind of events which are family-oriented John and became a Buster. And this third story is interesting in itself. The man working in dead-end positions, a tramp arrives and foretells the coming Apocalypse, what starts the chain of events leading to the insanity of the protagonist.

The plot of the film was quite surreal, and the story is steeped in symbolism. Because the individual elements of the script to take the film heavier with every minute. The madness of Buster is based, by and large, on the belief in the end of the world, which has its own prerequisites. Enough time is given to the description of the causes of the predicted disaster and, although these ideas could lead to an intriguing science fiction, they set out clear and fresh.

Unfortunately, this applies to most of the drama. Sarah Adina wanted, obviously, to present a complex story that includes themes of sorrow. But this story is quickly lost in his state of incoherence. Apparently, it was assumed that the situation will put the viewer into a standstill as and disoriented main character, however, when it is time to lay your cards on the table and lean on the story until the climax, the finale quickly merges into the pipe. True emotional catharsis incorrect, and the visual metaphors (two diverging roads, etc.) are commonplace.

As the psychological state Buster is looking increasingly unstable, the picture is grim and unpleasant. To transition between different episodes from the life of Buster was acquitted, are used effectiveness reducing like toy frogs, pizza, etc. is Sometimes appropriate and sometimes not. This also applies to camera work. Sometimes it accentuates the depression of the main character, especially during the scene with snowy mountain scenery, and sometimes the operator is clearly phoning it in (particularly in the scenes of family drama).

Naturally, the strength of the film is the acting. In pursuit of acting traditions such as Christopher Walken, Michael Shannon, or even Peter Lorre, Malek fully convincing. Rami has depicted a man in conflict with himself. His range of emotions is striking: here he plays on-screen wife and daughter, and after a while it becomes creepy or charming. The intensity of his character is growing and it’s not in the ever growing bags under eyes fish.

The structural concept of the “Heart” designed to create a psychological drama. However, the lack of realism when it comes to support of the protagonist, the emotional effect on a weak basis. And even with a great job Malek, interesting idea and interesting story, “a Bad heart Buster” is nothing more than a niche project. The film is too complicated and not afraid of that word, abstruse. And the cleverness borders on boring and outright nonsense. On the other hand, the experience of Sarah Adin as a Director shows that if the Director want to prove themselves in something more mainstream (a black Comedy or fantasy), she will cope with this task. And yet after watching “Bad heart,” the viewer’s eye will be exactly the same as the pale and hapless Rami Malek is dead.

5 out of 10

New review: a Bad heart Buster 26.07.2017

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