New review: a COP with rublevki 28.06.2017

Question about Russian cinema has received the status of “eternal” — every day on the discussion put forward one or another picture, forcing the Russian critics, in 80 percent of cases, to grab their heads. Up with the Russian movie is a Russian series, and if a movie already has a number not the most flattering Association, it is a series… hmm? And what is associated Russian serial? The vast majority Dukalis, in the sense that with “Streets of broken lamps”. This is understandable, because “URF” one of the first Russian multi-season movies, and the few who hasn’t seen at least one of a series of the tape. Since we went to the “COP” topic, need to pay tribute in this respect it’s not so bad. In 2016, this fact was once again proved, after all, the screens out “the police with the ruble”.

From the very first episode of red sneakers by Grigory Izmailov the audience loved. Bravo to the Director, he was able to hook the interest of finicky observer. Overall, the story is not any staggering innovations — against the detective’s personal fate of the characters. And yet, the episode hooked?

First, luxury-style. The ruble, after all! The characters are rich, and this rule is not cancelled when the second season the plot throws the characters in Beskudnikovo. Russian proletariat was not used to luxury life, so it’s nice, at home on the couch, to look at those who can still afford silk sheets and booze ten extracts.

Second, nice characters, Yes, Yes, we are talking about the pretty faces of some characters. Anyway, and for a pretty chick to look very nice. That is why in the acting business, appearance plays a big role.

Third, the humor. “Police with the ruble” a lot of different kinds of jokes, but most importantly-jokes laugh!

Fourth, characters don’t suck! In the other TNT-shnyh films, the plot is based purely on the stupidity of the characters, but this series, fortunately, there were no global idiocy.

All of these “first, second” this for that would be to say the series is good, it is worth a look. Sin will separate not to mention Alexander Petrov. He played the main role in the series-Grigory Izmailov. Acting talent Petrova amazing. Any way Alexander given in full, with no residue, and is this not a measure. Speaking of acting, imagination paints the following picture-if talent was a man and had a tendency to develop, then there would be the following gradation-Petrov -> tired -> Bezrukov. And here it is, exclusively, in the experience.

Yeah, cool episode, but! Dear, sweet, fragile mind, girl! Do not think that prostitution is great, and that she will bring the same amount of money as one of the heroines of the series. Nowadays there is a tendency to offer escort services (to sell themselves, as the Russians say). Other moloduhi, watching anyone go to the big city with this purpose. But the sweet life turns out to be a myth, and the girls land on the social bottom. IN GENERAL, USE YOUR HEAD!

The only thing else to add about this series

10 out of 10

New review: a COP with rublevki 28.06.2017

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