New review: a Country of zombies 29.06.2017

To watch the film Ulli Lommel’s “zombie Nation” made me utilitarian interest. Indeed, in 2005, this is not the artist collaborated Marian Dora, one of the most interesting avant-garde Germany. Lommel, in 2005 he filmed a whole bunch of films on serial killers, both real and invented. “Nation of zombies” belongs to the second category.

Newly minted maniac COP preys on girls using his official position. He leads them to the warehouse, which examines (his mother was a doctor and the boy, apparently, not enough of the doctor) kills an injection into the buttock. Then buries the body in the desert. One of the victims, a native of Romania, as it turned out, went to the priestesses of voodoo, that they conducted a protective ritual. The girl was killed but she came back as a zombie and the other 4 victims. And against the police, meanwhile, begins an internal investigation.

To get started is to praise the overall production, as the film was shot with almost no budget, does not seem Amateur. It has a lot of extras, special effects, and the action takes place in the whole city.

Of course, a police station, equipped somewhere in the warehouse, someone will be amused. In this reason, there’s a bin, dragged from the street, and behind the people tubes as in the boiler room. But don’t be too hard. All the disadvantages of a small budget, not important from an artistic side. But the fact that the script is full of absurd movie is a plus. The Lommel was able to remove the trash, but Lommel directed serious. He ought not to stoop to thrash, because he once was friends (maybe not only) with Rainer Werner Fassbinder. But with a serious setting and the demand is greater, and therefore the reason why rose girl, nothing but laughter is not. Nor would the police, no matter how bad they may be, to cover the maniac. Esprit de corps applies when doing this — torturing, stealing, etc. And the capture of a dangerous madman, even among its would increase someone’s chances to move up the career ladder.

By the way, the zombies here are unconventional. They look good, you can go for the living people and are not too prone to cannibalism. They can talk and are not averse to have sex. So remember the horror-Comedy “burying the ex”, but that Comedy, and Lommel of humor is almost there.

And now about the main thing for me is the drawback. This Thriller about a maniac, shot on a much larger scale, does not go to any comparison with the debut Dora “Documentary trash”, filmed in the scenery of the films Lommel, because Dora was on three Executive producer. Have Dora is your style, unconventional thinking and a deeper study of the image of the villain. Yes, Dora the avant-garde, and therefore not all the audience is able to perceive his approach to the image of a maniac. But, by golly, it’s still better than similar to each other cheap chiller as they are called Americans. If the earlier films Lommel still have the imprint of his personality, this work clearly filmed without inspiration, solely from commercial considerations. Believe me, the budget is in the 1500 she is definitely recaptured many times over by selling on DVD. A “Documentary” trash has long lain on the shelf and was only released on a wave of festival success of “Melancholy angels”, when David Hess, took part in it, was not alive.

Lommel not even trying to present a convincing picture of madness, to demonstrate the impression of the consciousness of a maniac, the way he sees the world. Haunting footage from the past, where he tyrannized the mother of evil, perceived as roughly comprehended Freudianism. If Hollywood thrillers, though often entertaining made movie Lommel has an absurd plot, and only desorientiert the viewer, who feels himself a fool, because he is a zombie slipped vulgarly made up girls. Yes we have these on the ring road not 5, but 50 find, and also shoot a movie for fifteen hundred and send it to Germany. Let Lommel looks like rose confused in Russia.

4 out of 10

New review: a Country of zombies 29.06.2017

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