New review: a Cure for health 07.06.2017

Movie trailer and a short description to be able to “Cure health” of great interest. As the title of the film, embodying contradictory messages. Cure disease — this is, but from health — something new.

Gore Verbinski — Director of the first three parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “the Mexican” with brad pitt and Julia Roberts, “the ring” with Naomi watts, winner of the Oscar for “Rango”, 4 years after the success of the Lone Ranger came to the big screen with the psychological Thriller with elements of detective, the “Medicine of health”. In its stylistic color film like “shutter Island” Martin Scorsese — slowly developing events, investigating a strange case in which a detective (if you can call it an office worker, performed in “the Cure” by Dane Dehaan) is floundering like a fish caught in a net, no less strange people around him, dozens of doors, behind which sinister secrets are stored. And a persistent suspicion caused by the viewer in the process of viewing and relating to the mental state of the protagonist and to encourage reflection: what if he really is crazy?!

The atmosphere of creepy mystery enveloping the resort in the Alps, centered in the castle with a sad story, Verbinski transferred very well. All those impenetrable faces of the staff, courteous, but a two-faced head of the sanatorium, played by Jason Isaacs, unnaturally behaving patients, to put it mildly an unusual procedure — all this recreates a picture detached from reality world, where reigns its laws, like a spectator with the hero Dehaan hits on “shutter Island” or is on a piece of land with the same strange people in “the Wicker man”.

Despite this attractiveness, is able to lure fans of the Thriller and the detective, especially with a psychological slant, the film is extremely slow. Just to ugliness. Almost 2.5 regular life of the patients in the sanatorium, these maniacal individuals of local residents, doctors and guests of patients are able to drive them into depression. Just kidding, of course, before the depression away, but a long story is still tiring, as well as the mass of discoveries made by an office worker with Lockhart. Too many adventures he faced in his fifth point, too many chases he experienced in the walls of the sanatorium, too many attempts to penetrate to the farthest corners he took. In the end waiting for the climax spills over into the anticipation of where the next time he will stick the nose what the finale does not seem so attractive.

But the resemblance to the “Island of the damned” here is evident. Sinister clinic, the chief doctor strange, a hero who is experiencing health problems, constant flashbacks, doubts on the part of mental health — similar motives, but to accuse the “Medicine of health” in some plagiarism is still not worth it. The movie is interesting, well staged, the actors played great, but he tightened. This is perhaps its main drawback.

However, to watch You. Their opinions do not impose.

Pleasant viewing.

8 out of 10

New review: a Cure for health 07.06.2017

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