New review: a Cure for health 13.06.2017

To paraphrase a character Dayna Dehaan with “the Melody that you’re humming… Where did you hear her?” with “the Film that I have looked… Where I’ve seen him before?”, start. Gore Verbinski said on the tape printing films of the 70s, it seems to me that the cut is greater and it is necessary to recede for another decade and a half ago, in the late 50-ies, when the “hammer films” began to release their tapes in color. Claim that Verbinski like to “hammer” did.

What they have in common?

The recycled plots and characters of classic horror films on a literary basis (Verbinski, in an interview with “IMDb”, mentions Kafka “Lock”, “Innocent” Henry James and the picture of the “Innocent” in 1961, “the Magic mountain” by Thomas Mann, but “modestly forgets” about Mary Shelley from “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus” and “the Phantom of the Opera” Gaston Leroux (this is only on the surface). About Mario Bava word! How about “the Wax mask” Sergio Stivaletti!

– Rich colors in the frame (here the contrast with the gray palette of the “modern world,” the arrival “on the water”).

Unpleasant scenes and violence (of course at that time) that introduced the “hammer”, which were bits of “highbrow” critics (several of them here: deer; Masturbation nasty chest; tooth).

– The professionalism of the creators and good quality productions, with costumes, interiors, exteriors, camera flourishes (in this tape, namely in the first half – plenty of reflections). I.e. “Great movies”, though a niche genre.

– The exploitation scene of the fire at the climax.

This is a dish for the eyes and opisanie frame for a modern audience and our speeds somewhat prolonged in duration, but the authors, judging by their comments, did it deliberately, distancing himself from contemporary films. Also a drawback, after the “smoke and mirrors” is some predictability and ease of completion of the tape.

8 out of 10

New review: a Cure for health 13.06.2017

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