New review: a Cure for health 21.06.2017

The biggest problem with A Cure for Wellness is that of depth, which threatened the creators could not be reached. Around the beginning of the trailer and interviews with the participants of the shooting process, many episodes of the finished product shows that wanted to show and tell the authors what they could not achieve. And in the end, in pursuit of the crane, ruffled the feathers of the bird.

Essentially the “Medicine of health” not the most original Thriller. Young man holding a high position in some company (what company doesn’t say), got on some illegal manipulations (what kind of manipulations is unknown) must be sent to the Swiss sanitarium, where wealthy people who have nerves began certain health problems, bring the body in order. That’s just how it becomes known at the very beginning, where the patient has expressed a desire to leave the clinic was not. Yes, the Association with the “Island of the damned” with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, is not unfounded. Then, too, all pretty standard: by coincidence, the hero has to stay in this place. For a long time.

With the plot seemingly no problems. Nothing original, but a little hackneyed. That’s just under the wrapper, there is a second layer, which, in theory, should distinguish “Cure” from similar films. In it are mixed a lot, but it is a legend, known to every resident of a small town nearby. According to this legend a Baron… so as not to spoil I will say this… was a pervert, in consequence of what happened a lot of bad events. But no. Here it is not about any curses or other mystical things. The Baron’s alive. Of course not literally. He is alive in the person of the chief doctor of the clinic, which is inspired by history, decided to follow in his footsteps.

But the points of contact between past and present not that little — they are not. If the course does not take into account those which you can say “insofar as.” We, the viewers, understand what’s going on. But absolutely do not understand why. In my opinion if the hero Isaacs was just a crazy — would be better. We would be able to come up with some excuse. To ascribe some kind of motive. And then, it turns out that there is a reason. Not particularly resentatives. But to arrange it can develop that is not very fastidious audience. Roughly the same can be said about the history of the life of the main character, Lockhart. We are trying to show the dramatic events of his childhood, which together with the keynote must have said, “all of you are sick, you all need to go to the clinic.” But to say that the film does not work. This topic is touched in passing. No more. The same depth is not achieved.

Not achieved not only due to the fact that when immersed scored enough oxygen, but because constantly distracted by unnecessary things. In the end, when the least imaginative viewer understand what was happening (from the point of view of the author), you start to think — why was a particular episode? Why was what they did… of Course to find an answer is possible — because of the anti-hero was two goal. But the irony is that these goals are absolutely parallel to each other and communication between them is no no. It is, pardon the crude example, as if any villain from the comics, while simultaneously making plans to conquer the heart of a girl who rejected him as a student, and thus created a super-poison that will turn all humans into slaves. One does certainly not interfere. But it turns out that it is not disclosed neither the first nor the second.

To summarize, it turns out that the film tried to cram nevpihuemoe. And even the timing of 2.5 hours all the ideas in a comrade failed. In those moments when A Cure for Wellness is not trying to make yourself bigger than it actually is — we see a good Thriller, with a good atmosphere and suspense skillfully injected. Moreover the film is excellent technically, as in terms of image and sound. But, alas, I liked it not.

New review: a Cure for health 21.06.2017

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