New review: a Cure for health 24.06.2017

After the fiasco of the movie “the Lone Ranger,” Gore Verbinski was forced to emanate from a Hollywood movie nine-digit, eight-digit German cinema. Away from the major bosses, he felt freedom, what is not experienced even during the times when filming small movies like “Mouse hunt”. An original intriguing name and an atypical poster for Gore Verbinski presents to the viewer a film that is different from anything used to cover a film and digital media.

First, conventional tie. Someone usual, what is trivial, is going somewhere. No, it’s not a puncture, it’ll contrastic further… What? The development of the plot? No! The concept is not original, one against the sinister abode, it is not fresh. Fresh the home, and what happens in it. Here in Commerce sneaks whether art-house or the insanity, or delirium, I don’t want to know what it is. Just give it another!

The Director is clearly not looking for logic and believability, the movie bears a mile away sur and Convention. This is the most that neither is a movie that’s not trying to be a news report and mockumentary tales from Rantisi. What? You can hear the script creaks from the road? You hear rumbling crumbling logic of the film? It looks like you are really sick and need treatment. Admit that you have a dependence on such a such a familiar and clichéd horror about becausa of the game, and your brain rejects even though some different movies. The “medicine of health” is something else. It’s a movie with a perverted philosophy, simply connect beautiful and gross.

New review: a Cure for health 24.06.2017

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