New review: a Good time 01.10.2017

A great movie from a talented young, but fairly well-known in film circles Directors Ben and Joshua Safdi, which became one of the favorites of the main program of the Cannes film festival in 2017.

The film shows people living on the side of the life, which is considered to be safe. But they are susceptible to human feelings and passions, almost more than those that are part of a civilized society.

Brothers film Safdi invites us to see one day in the life of a petty criminal, Connie Nikas conducted with energy, in every sense worthy of a better cause. He loves his brother, suffering from dementia and wants to take care of him, but involves him in the robbery, after which the brother goes to prison. He wants to save him from jail, but attempts to get bail money lead him farther along the way, problems with the law and — from petty robbery to kidnapping, causing grievous bodily harm and threats to life. He’s smart and has the gift of influencing people, but because of the complete lack of social and moral guidance, spends her wit and charm that would get him out of trouble, which he creates for himself and others.

In the film there is almost no history — he looped around one of the events, subjecting him to all the action and practically not developing. But it looks extremely interesting, mostly due to the fact that the main character is, himself, a fascinating history, exciting ideas, and transformations, from the outside — dressing up, repainting the hair. to mental — interaction with different people in order to achieve the desired demonstrates a dozen different convincing masks that the hero changes easily and enthusiastically.

This role is a great challenge for an actor and a Testament to the talent in case of success. It’s nice when it coincides, as in the case of a brilliant performance of the role of Pattinson that finally is recognized by virtually everybody, who has interest in auteur cinema. But though the film is largely a benefit performance of the actor, according to the brothers Safdi inspired them to create this project, but it is also a very impressive work of the whole team:

Directors and screenwriters, secretivly dashing intrigue of pretty ordinary in the plot of the story;

the operator, which alternates between footage of the spectacular panoramas with close-UPS of heroes, invading the personal space of the viewer and making it almost a participant in what is happening;

composer, the soundtrack of which not only can hear and feel the heartbeat on adrenaline;

stylists who picked up the costumes, like playing a separate role;

and many professional and non-professional actors who almost literally lived in the frame.

All this gives the film such a nerve that even when you know that the history of the character in the film is over, expect to continue, as if speeding continues to run after crossed the finish line. This is probably confirmed by the fact that when she went the final credits to the song Iggy Pop The Pure and the Damned, written specifically for this film, virtually no one was in a hurry to leave the hall of the cinema.

New review: a Good time 01.10.2017

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