New review: a Good time 02.10.2017

I’m not a writer of reviews, but the past could not pass. Buying into more than 8 rating points and went. Who are all these people who puts the film high marks? Boring exercises I have not looked. Barely overcame unbearable desire to miss half of the movie, when no development of the plot was not and is not expected. But many have not gotten over that — people went to the session not one, and whole radami. Watched the end about 10 people. The most awaited was the end of the movie! Finally! “It” stopped right in the middle, on anything”, as they say, rightly so, hurry from the hall, free!

How, why such a rating? What’s in this film? Yes, the old lady at the door gossip ostrosyuzhetnaya than the script of this film. I have never in the film did not experience any feelings, as if in a queue, sitting in the hospital or was stuck in traffic on the garden ring. “What something?” that’s what I was waiting for the whole movie. But no, it never was, neither at the beginning nor at the end nor in the middle. Even a couple of times to get the phone to look through the thread and something interesting…

2 out of 10

New review: a Good time 02.10.2017

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