New review: a Good time 02.10.2017

The film “Good time” in no way echoed in my soul. Probably, this happened because of inflated expectations: when the rating of the film on the kinopoisk eight, then expect a movie of a different level.

Login of the film is simple and interesting, but not everything stated in the description shown on the screen. The protagonist Connie is forced to take his mentally retarded brother nick for Bank robbery. It said so in logline, but the film’s no need for such a choice Connie no. He just comes into a Bank with his brother. Robbery is not very difficult, but with the difficulties that the main character overcomes quickly. This is the most exciting and vibrant scenes of the film.

When, apparently, you have to show quite a bit of endurance to completely hide from the police, nick’s nerves can not stand (which was expected). Brothers pursuing guards, and a half-brother is in the hands of the police. I think the main character nerves also pass, because he could not allow that. But instead, Connie runs away without looking back while his brother is unconscious they have broken glass doors. And now, the main character needs to get nick out of jail at any cost — as stated in logline, but judging by the behavior of Connie at the time of the escape, I have doubts that he is ready to do everything for the sake of a brother.

We must pay tribute to the wit, wisdom and determination of his older brother. But it would be really cool if the scenes we were shown to teenagers, not men under thirty. Rebellion against the “centuries-old” grandmother’s brothers, their showdown with her, shown in passing in the film, do not do them honor. And at the same time would be “normal behavior” in adolescents (for a movie). In the age of the brothers, shown in the picture, grandmothers claims are not present. Or is it not my heroes.

For throwing Connie and his attempts to rectify the situation interesting to watch, but I don’t much care, because it is not clear to me, and do not understand his motives. The robbery was afoot in order to go somewhere in the wilderness and live there. It says casual half-brother in conversation with the grandmother. To me, this motivation is not enough.

In the beginning of the film lots of close-UPS that, as if physically pushing the audience in the cinema. In moments chase uses a filming style jerky camera popular music videos of the nineties. The music in the film reminded me of space music from the Soviet films of the eighties. For some it pros pictures, but not for me.

Not to pick on you only to cast the work of Robert of Squash, so my assessment

6 out of 10

New review: a Good time 02.10.2017

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