New review: a Good time 04.10.2017

Once again to talk about the great acting of Pattinson is not to say anything. This actor once proved (although he proved he?) that he can play a good role, not the stigma that stretches from “Twilight.” In “the Rover”, he was surprised the jury of the Cannes film festival and so to speak took this “stigma”.

Like the game Ben Safdi. Thanks to his hero, directed chew the viewer the entire picture of the relationship between the brothers.

The soundtrack harmoniously considered with the picture on the screen. The rhythm of the music encourages and dictates the rhythm of your heart.

Colors are gently combined with each other. Down to the color of the hair, Connie, who tells us about his bezbednosti. Red paint symbolizing the alarm. Neon light — the brink of law.

Told the usual story, but with very thin and at the time of heavy words. The film ends abruptly. But sit until the end credits.

PS I Want to thank the audience of the city of Izhevsk who took the time to go to the 4 session, which they showed us. For a good movie we don’t like to show much. Thanks though that these sessions were.

9 out of 10

New review: a Good time 04.10.2017

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