New review: a Good time 07.10.2017

The best Robert Pattinson role to date

The film from the main programme of the Cannes festival 2017, which has already caused a lot of noise. How to declare themselves filmmakers, “this film really tickles the nerves of the viewer”. It is made in a rather unusual manner, from the point of view of the narrative. The film invites the viewer to look at the life of two brothers, Connie and nick, today and now. We know nothing about them, except that Nick was sick, he had mental disabilities, and Connie takes care of brother. The film begins with that moment as the brothers try to Rob a Bank to realize their dream to buy a farm and live there freely and independently. However, the robbery attempt fails, nick is arrested. Connie is doing everything possible to save his brother. And here begins the benefit of the game Robert Pattinsonthat sets the pace throughout the movie. Perhaps it is the first time you can see his full cast of reincarnation. Rightly it should be noted that I tried all of the acting team, Ben Safdi, who plays nick, is quite convincing in the role of aggressive mentally handicapped brother.

To the merits of the film apart from acting justly must include a picture of the film and the work of the operator. Thanks to the excellent visual range, one of the main figures of the characters in the film is the city: freedom, rhythm, paint, even the characters that served as a kind of a reflection of him. And, of course, music. So she fills every moment of the movie, as if it is built and all the action. The film received a prize at Cannes for best soundtrack.

However, for me the movie was not perfect. One of the main drawbacks was the scenario in which the characters and their actions were not discovered and places look illogical. But this disadvantage is mitigated by the curious directing and acting. When you watch the film, involuntarily float ideas — what is happening on the screen, you crazy characters who make illogical actions. But as soon as you see the last frame, the film is like a mosaic, formed in a single integrated, fully creating the feeling of a great story. And the second drawback — the heroes of the film left me completely indifferent, none of them wanted to sympathize and empathize, so did not care what happens to them. For me as a viewer — it is a very big minus.

6 out of 10

New review: a Good time 07.10.2017

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