New review: a Good time 08.10.2017

Brothers Safdi took an unusual movie. After watching I was not enthusiastic state (here is purely a matter of perception), but by analyzing what they saw, you realize that the picture in any case of high quality.

In the film, of course, there are formulaic elements (and who doesn’t?), but the main fact is that each cinturini lay catchy story, and in this tape she is. First of all, despite the fact that “Good time” refers to the Arthouse, things are moving quite rapidly, never a dull moment. Disentangle from one danger, the hero of Robert falls immediately into another: in this respect the picture is almost constantly keeps the viewer in suspense necessary, and appropriate background music additionally inflaming the situation. The most impressed scene of the kidnapping from the hospital (here stronger just worried that something will go wrong) and the amusement Park (which, in turn, looked fresh and inventive).

In addition to the atmospheric music, the film should be noted for the wonderful, expressive colors: thanks to her tape is in its own stylish and individual scenes are better remembered. By the way, also impressed by the fact that a couple of times, the creators even manage to draw the viewer’s attention on one of the most pressing problems of society associated with malignancy “phone” life and escape from reality.

It is movie of one actor. And now we come to the conversation about what to remain silent should not be. Professionally growing up from role to role after “Twilight”, Robert Pattinson reaches a career peak and gives his best acting job to date. About other characters even say nothing, because Pattinson outshines any other images. It Connie turned multi-faceted, interesting, but at the same time not fully understood: here I mean the very essence of the character, the view of the world. There are exactly three things that give, I think a little bit vague idea about the internal filling of the main character. Kind of want more, but on the other hand, maintaining a certain secrecy encourages reflection.

I don’t know why the film is called that way, but asked this question throughout the entire viewing. Some guesses there, but a definite answer is hard to give. But with confidence we can say the following: if you want to have a good time “Good time” is a great option for this.

8 out of 10

New review: a Good time 08.10.2017

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