New review: a Good time 09.10.2017

As we know, in Cannes, I like to give the main award of the copyrighted films from America. And then suddenly appear talented brothers from new York who rent art-house movie. But in the end they don’t get the top prize which starts a flurry of disturbances from fans/critics.

“Good time” picture of the brothers Safdie. The film was awarded for best soundtrack. And unfortunately, that’s all it took from there.

Really the film is so good that it deserves the wasted time and money?

And after watching the film I can safely say “YES!”

Absolutely incredible, tense and exciting drama about love of two brothers from new York. Remind you of anything?) In General, the Directors and their past works have often used allusions to his life, which made the intimacy of their films. The events in the film unfold in new York. We show two brothers who don’t have everything in life so sweet as we would like. One fails in life, and the other dementia. The viewer for viewing, you will see the “wrong side” of this metropolis. Dirt, drugs (Safdie without them can not), prostitution, crime, violence and the like. And add to this synth sound (that is what we will hear throughout the film) and we get a movie with a dark atmosphere that is addictive, like a swamp. By the way the soundtrack written by our countryman, Daniel Lopatin. For which he received the award. In the first minutes of the film the viewer can strain a huge number of shots close up, but later you get used to it. It Directors use us to feel the emotions and tension the main characters. Speaking of which, many have already written that this is the best role of Pattinson. It is impossible not to agree. Such still nobody saw. He was able to make the audience empathize with your hero. And believe me — it is gorgogo. Here he is dressed in baggy pants and hoodies, and in his ears he had absolutely kitschy pseudo-diamond earrings. But as soon as we begin to meet and to follow his deeds and actions, the opinion is changing in the opposite direction, at least for me it did.

“Good time” refers to a category of movies that are worth seeing once, than hundred times to hear about them or read.

So take the time in this amazing hard tragicomedy

New review: a Good time 09.10.2017

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