New review: a Good time 13.10.2017

To include a movie festival with ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, I have not seen any “festival” that would unequivocally positive emotions. On the other, almost every film leaves enough space for the flight of thought and the desire to dig behind the scenes of the timing. If this hidden meaning, the movie copes with its task.

For the acting career of the heroes of “Twilight” didn’t, so critics believe, the role of one of the brothers in “Good times” — the best in the career of Robert Pattinson. And tuned to it, respectively. Hope added the recent “Mother!” in which Darren Aronofsky did Jennifer Lawrence all the juices, but, in my eyes, pulled her out of the adolescent image of “mockingjay”.

The picture of the “Good times” tells the story of two brothers, one retarded (Nick, actor Ben Safdi, he’s one of the Directors), the second hunk Connie Nikas (by Robert). They want to buy a country farm, so go Rob a Bank. But something goes wrong and incompetent brother was detained by the police. Now instead of money to the farm, Connie, you must find cash for a Deposit.

The time of the action covers two days, but they turned out to be very eventful.

It’s hard to shake the feeling that the “Good times” was filmed without a finished script, and many of the plot twists were pure improvisation. Outright stagnation abruptly alternates with sprint in spurts, so after a few minutes again into a coma. Lengthy conversations about anything turn into a chase. Chase again slipping into the abyss of verbal passages.

Understatement is a cornerstone of Arthouse film. But the brothers Safdi leave a gap where there shouldn’t — in the main characters.

Characters Connie and Nick remain unsolved, and we do not understand why you need to sympathize with the two robbers. The desire to pull his brother from the police is commendable, but no more. Their past is hidden behind the opening credits, now composed of a mosaic of crime, attack tomorrow — a big question. Secondary characters encountered in the field of view of the protagonist, often shown more vividly than he.

I agree that acting of Robert Pattinson deserves attention. But I should add — because the star of “Twilight” occupies more than half timing, and, of course, gets the maximum number of evaluations. As for the game, the season stone faces on the big screen have already discovered Ryan Gosling in “blade Runner 2049”, and this technique as a rigid impartiality, with sorrow in his eyes, doesn’t look original.

But that turned out really well, so is the soundtrack and camera work. Cold and contrasting colors of mocking the name, teases the main character by the Mirage of instant success. Via twitchy close-UPS of the audience have in common with the characters, are encouraged to participate in the events. And all this covers electronic music by Daniel Lopatin. If the viewer belongs to the genre with respect, that through these techniques “the Good times” has all the chances to win him over.

The work of the brothers Safdi cope with the main task — not alienating the audience who prefer a more popular movie. Despite a number of weaknesses, “Good times” deserve attention.

But as they say, can be nuances.

6 out of 10

New review: a Good time 13.10.2017

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