New review: a Good time 15.12.2017

Connie, along with his retarded brother robs a Bank. Everything goes like clockwork, but suddenly found that in one of the bags placed money with paint. After some time the police catches brother Connie. But that what any decides to steal it from the clutches of the police. And now he has to do this for just one night.

This film received at the Cannes film festival nomination for the Palme d’or. After watching the film, critics and journalists applauded as 6 minutes. It is understandable, I have not had such simple, but at the same time poetic and atmospheric movies. Before the audience turns the story of two brothers. The story of one strange night. I can assure you, the words of praise on the poster that “Good time” — “a delight for film fans” the truth.

It’s incredibly beautiful, but at the same time atmospheric and deep film. It is moderately funny, moderately dramatic. From Directors Ben Safdi, Joshua Safdi a great sense of rhythm. The picture never sags. Everything from the beginning to the end of my bow, the most interesting. Color correction with red delicious, visually transferred the feelings and mood of the protagonist. Speaking of which, Pattinson is just gorgeous. Amazing game. We have a man who loves his brother and the man who can transcend the moral law. He’s not a hero, he is not a positive character. It is rather lost in life the man who can’t get out of the cycle, in which he mingled.

And amazingly, Pattinson squeezes everything he can out of his character. Not overdoing anything, you should smoothly and beautifully. Even the place to say, graceful. It looks great in the frame. His brother, performed by one of the Directors of the film Ben Safdi as good. What else can be a compliment, it’s indescribable atmospheric music. Not surprisingly, the same Cannes, the film won the award for best soundtrack.

It is this combination of emotions, feelings and adrenaline that the screen literally not take your eyes off. All the place, very organic and poetic. Night American city is incredibly picturesque. You live and feel that life is there and in full swing. Thanks to this perfect symbiosis of music, actors and story, the picture looks amazing and never want it to stop. Surprising, because only at the end you realize that this creation is the most that neither is the author’s hands. And thank you, brothers Safdi that took a simple but at the same time, interesting movie. It is not the desire to be intellectual, this desire to make a beautiful and real movie.

New review: a Good time 15.12.2017

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