New review: a Good time 30.09.2017

It was strange for a Friday night, but rather, any movie.

First of all, it is strange that he is an American. Of course, in the States there is an independent movie, but it is always recognizable and not always so independent. Here for all the audition I was not feeling that well, can’t this film be American, even though the action happens in the United States.

This brand Arthouse, festival brand, is absolutely not a widescreen movie.

It has many advantages.

The main one is music. It is difficult to argue that modern cinema rarely pay attention to the music component. At best, the film will put some good composition, but which existed even before the movie, not written specifically for him.

In the “Good time” (the title, by the way, below) with the full order. Surely the soundtrack adds to the suspense in the most relevant and suitable places. Do not think for a bad comparison, but I remember first watching the first “Terminator”, where a ragged electronic sound gave additional events… horror, I guess. So, here the soundtrack the same email and ragged, and because even a little frightening.

A guy by the name of Pattinson fit the role almost 100% convincing. Perhaps someone could play better, but if not to carp, all the summer squash in its place. I do think that he can do such a new DiCaprio, who also once started with corny characters tearful tapes, making the girls burst into bitter, and eventually escalated to the “bad guys” in any “Gangs of new York”, not to mention “the Departed.”

About the role sugary somehow quickly forgotten.

Convincingly plays the “brother” of the Tavern. He plays a slightly mentally retarded, therefore, the role that still. It would not have received some albeit minor, but still an Oscar.

The film itself — because of its legallybuy benetnasch faded colors and the same Arthouse atmospheric — it looks quite a natural. In the sense that the events on the screen are perceived with trust, despite their, by and large, the Hollywood sequence (Bank robbery with incredible good to the absurdity of a succession of further events).

Now “a Good time”. Of course, it was impossible to translate the title is so clumsy. Of course, I mean “Have a good time” and his ilk, and not the “good time”. In Russian there is no such idiom or reference to any sentence. In General, then we must think the crib is the last thing…

Good movie not for fans of “Kingsman” and, probably, not Friday night… But not bad.

7 out of 10

New review: a Good time 30.09.2017

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