New review: a Hologram for the king 28.07.2016

The movie pushed me to watch the name of Tom Hanks. And not only me, I think.

The film tells about an American businessman who is trying to promote your project somewhere, and in Saudi Arabia and not through someone, and after the king himself. The idea itself is interesting. Moreover, in the film is revealed to the main character. Throughout the “Holograms” we could see how the hero and his views.

But what made the main character change? Country, its orders, its inhabitants. Once in a different to the environment of a hero as any man in his place, will change to reconsider their views on life. That is why the painting was very important to represent Saudi Arabia. With it and coped.

The actors liked it. And Tom Hanks, and Alexander black played equally well such different roles.

Thus, “a Hologram for the king” — a film not for everyone. He has a slow, but deep meaning.

7 out of 10

New review: a Hologram for the king 28.07.2016

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