New review: a life for a Life 27.07.2016

Great movie…

Despite the simplicity of the plot: meet the detective (Dupuis) and academic (McGregor) in the swamp, they found a corpse… Like it seems that the plot is ordinary detective, but there it was. The main thing is not an investigation, and native American ritual for healing.

Worth watching for those who want to see a real emotional movie, deep meaning: on the grey, cold background of our everyday life manifests the great power of love, true love! Because it only pushes people to sacrifice, to donate his life to save the life of a loved one. There is a world of feelings stronger than love, and only true and sincere love can save a life! But love is not enough, and the price of one life for another life… a love for Love! A life for a life…

P. S. Roy Dupuis is an actor with great dramatic flair. Still, without him the film would not have produced such a stunning effect

New review: a life for a Life 27.07.2016

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