New review: a Nightmare on elm street 3: dream Warriors 11.10.2017

After the derogatory reviews about the second part, which almost managed to screw up all the series, and Freddy Krueger, many might think that this is the end “nightmare”. But, due to good collections, the continuation is still followed, although not many were laid on him at least some hope. An important aspect was the return of the founder of the franchise Wes Craven, at least as a writer, due to which the series has started to show signs of life. And, of course, well, that second part of the story is not over, as this time the audience was not deceived and was waiting for him wasn’t just a dream, but really the next nightmare.

Ignoring the second part as if it had never existed at all, the plot is fixed on the group of the last surviving children of elm street, being in a psychiatric hospital. They are scared of nightmares to such an extent that they are willing to do anything not to sleep. To the extent that cut off his eyelids with a razor blade to keep from falling asleep. A certain measure of peace is introduced with the appearance of the heroine of the first film Nancy Thompson, who not by hearsay knows how to fight evil. But the atmosphere is heating up to the limit, when the house on elm street, again the lights and from the realm of nightmares, he appears.

The story of Freddy Krueger continues his narrative. The audience are again immersed in a pool of remembrance, to reveal new details of the past and to see the startling truth about his mother and birth. Kruger himself by playing on the fears of adolescents, gradually deals with them, absorbing their souls, which give him more strength and make it even worse. And this time, a common children’s rhyme will not be able to ward off the monster. Guys will have to work together in order to find and bury hid after the burning in the boiler room many years ago, the remains of the Kruger to bury the restless spirit and stop it forever.

Just, of course, will not, as he and Freddie became much more bloodthirsty and smarter. Yes, and as required by laws of the genre, the image came to its final formation, when many of his actions were driven by the expanded fan base. Now it was impossible simply to kill as before. Therefore, Kruger had to do it much more diverse and not just murder, but very accurate and simple either to presage or to complete each of them one way or another elegant phrase. Bright moment, when the movie starts to go away in some ridiculous magic, Freddie puts everything in its place and plunges the skin in the young wizard, saying “I’m sorry son, but I don’t believe in fairy tales.”

Audience sympathy in many points are on the side of the main villain, and the huge army of fans, which is the Kruger, there would be no such frame. And, of course, not unimportant role is played by the fact that the creators have done serious work on the bugs of the second part, and the movie itself turned out great. Even more after retiring from reality towards fiction nightmares, the authors were able to link the excellent scenery and special effects with a good story, which has a non-null characters, which are interesting to watch. An open ending makes it clear that the “War dream” is not the end of history, and that Holy water and cross are only temporary deterrents for the fan of stylish hats and red and green sweaters.

New review: a Nightmare on elm street 3: dream Warriors 11.10.2017

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