New review: a shot in the void 30.07.2017

Sometimes you look at the notoriously hilarious movie to laugh, to cheer yourself up; sometimes a new blockbuster to enjoy the special effects, eksistensi, charisma of the characters; sometimes your choice of stops on the film about love, feelings and experiences; sometimes the detective that gradually follows on the heels of the killer. And sometimes you accidentally run into a serious, dramatic movie that makes you realize the despair, the hopelessness… “a shot in the void”

The whole film seems imbued with this issue of an old computer game: “What can change nature of man?”. Each would answer differently, but the answer of the Director — prison. Because once you go, there’s no turning back. You either fight for yourself, or go back and become a victim. The consequences of such a choice reveals in his film the Director RIC Roman. The plot of bloody colors shows the viewer how to stay in such a place is the essence of stockbroker is gradually replaced by “the Accountant”, a reputation among inmates, violent, capable of killing a man. As a normal accident, negligence, carelessness ruin a person’s destiny through imprisonment. By being available to people that made a mistake in the society of those who have made the choice to be a criminal. Those who have already crossed the line. And now they will be forced to move her and you. After all, there will survive or die. The third is not given.

The role of Jacob Harlan approached Nikolai Koster-Waldau like a glove. He played well as a serene broker who was happy having a good job, family, friends, and perfectly conveys the desperation of the first days in prison, psychological breakdown of their moral beliefs, the cold and indifference in the reading of the new sentences, but boundless love for his family, which he carried through the whole film. The rest of the cast also played their roles well, but to dwell on them is not desirable, because the entire script is built around one character. In the end, I would like to thank the film crew, Director, actors, etc. for a movie that carries thoughts of his audience, and not just intended to entertain people.

9 out of 10

New review: a shot in the void 30.07.2017

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