New review: A spy 29.07.2016

They say talented person is talented in everything. Unknown, sings, dances, paints, or cross-stitching directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, but to make kaki Naku he knows how professional and talented, or vocational talent. “Half of the spy” — another traditionally-American farce of banal idea, which tries to move his “We’re the Millers” (2013) with podium gold medal winner best foreign Comedy.

Distinguished alumnus Kelvin (Kevin HART), whose father would be the Director, 20 years becomes the average accountant with a bunch of claims to life. It disgraced prom puffy fat classmate Bob (Dwayne Johnson), by contrast, finds himself in the mountain of muscles and this man the post of spy. They haven’t seen the release, but one request to friends on facebook develops into a meeting. And then a spark, storm, madness

Change heroes sometimes classic and simple arithmetic Hollywood to create unobtrusive Comedy at times. However, Marshall Thurber does not hesitate again to look for it. And he does this not from a lack of imagination, and the fact that he has enough mathematical ability to transform arithmetic in higher mathematics (under the specifics of Comedy, of course). And as expected the tasks from textbooks upperclassmen in the picture “Half a spy circling in the rhythms of an incendiary pop X and Y: spies, traitors, villains. Much of the film behind the scenes, or in the mind, as in addition or subtraction — for instance, how Bob moves so fast through the city, cleans the apartment, disposes of another Stalker (generally useful information would be) — but that it remains dynamic and the lack of seriousness of the film. The Director is clearly aware he’s doing a Comedy for the rest of the masses after a hard day, and let spy: he is not trying to be like the militants, in particular about Bourne, he’s fucking with them.

The humor of the painting is not surprising in its depth and noble: comparisons, references, references to classics and classics no. As, however, there is no benefit of pelvic region in the frame and the dialogs, what sin directing “Dodgeball” (2004), “excellent Student of easy virtue” (2010) and the more famous “the Millers” (2013). Only a couple of moments of psychosis heroes to laugh loudly “ha ha HA” around the room, the rest just smile. But Rawson Marshall Thurber and here demonstrates his talents to the complexity of the initial task: not only swaps the characters, it changes the roles of actors.

Once the school and himself an outsider with no friends, and today “the Scorpion King” (2002), “Hercules” (2014), “Forsaith” (2011, 2013, 2015), former footballer and restlinga, erotic dream of many women, a real mountain of muscles with the hardness of the rock Dwayne Johnson fooling around in the frame, like a child in a children’s maze, that is urine. The role of a tough guy in the role of superspy, he does not lose, but also the adequacy of the witty “the Tooth fairy” (2010) or sarcastic traveler on the “Mysterious island” (2012) approaching, and not whine. In turn, stand-up comedian little Kevin HART changes “scary movie” (2003, 2006, 2013), “Superhero movie” (2008) and the recent “Mission in Miami (2016) on the narrow frame grey office accountant and the humdrum mediocrity of everyday life of millions. It wakes up in the fantastic energy of the former “Golden bullet” pokrocily, but not grown-up fan of the unicorns, Bob.

The harmony of the Duo Johnson-HART — the same, what keeps the whole plot, and not Vice versa. The more OTRUM in the frame of Johnson, the more compels HART. This couple gets a thrill from working with each other and the “free” hand to mouth, than charge and space. Even though the absurdity of the whole story, quick ending, which, as it seemed the creators wanted to get rid of the viewer, and indigestible role of Cliff Jones. Well, that innocence and coincidence is not his element, he is fun.

After the “=” sign at the end of this long and complicated example, the Director goes easy, exciting liveliness, and with anti(high school), a violent message of the film on which to spend money and do not mind which is able to be the best this year. And only one Rawson Marshall Thurber did not consider. Fractions, logarifma and a thousand unknown can’t change unbreakable rule: from change of places composed the sum, anyway, is not changed. Because of what his film is not more than disposable entertainment tired of the everyday hard workers. Historically, excellence in Thurber, it’s not your fault.

5 out of 10

New review: A spy 29.07.2016

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