New review: a Suspicious partner 26.07.2017

“Suspect partner” – this is the case when the cap acts like a glue point, forcing us to literally stick to the screens. Fair to the bone Prosecutor JI UKdoing internship the Intern Bon Hee, funny situations in which they find themselves, revolving in the court system — when suddenly it all crossed, as if getting up in one swift sharp little point at the girl’s house as if nothing had happened, returning home and not even be aware of all the misadventures of Alice and her every step. After this is clear you realize that at any moment all the everyday and seemingly unremarkable can turn 180 degrees and go at random.

Subsequent to the initial series looked exactly the same voltage, associated with the inability to disclose the identity of the culprit, enveloped in an aura of mystery. These moments were characterized by impenetrable clouds, angrily swirling over our Bon-Hee. After such a sharp plot twists with maximum smoothness we plunge into the wider law of everyday life, attempts to disclose a variety of cases, searches for clues and evidence.

The characters, from the main characters and ending with Chairman Ben and Secretary of the Pan with each batch made to penetrate their little world more and more (regardless of the number of disrupted meetings, which became a highlight of the work environment in a law office).

Thus, the main line associated with the proof of the innocence of girls and the evolution of relations between her and former Prosecutor But JI Wookand secondary line associated with cases lawyers — seemed pretty intense, to relieve the project of unnecessary cliches. But… nothing is eternal under the moon. Yes, “Suspect partner” could be one of the most pivotal and memorable Dor this year, but only until such time as not started over the edge to dazzle a different sort of cliché. The fate of the characters suddenly find ourselves bound even before their first meeting, a series of painful childhood memories started to haunt JI Wook, fire, amnesia, absurd reasons for breaking up – all that we’ve seen, isn’t it? This is what significantly reduces the degree of interest and causes to delay watching the final series on the back burner. Moreover, the impression as if the second half of “Partner” was composed on-the-go straight to the set.

Anyway, to sweeten the pill of disappointment succeeded the final series, which reveals the story of Jong Hyun soo. That’s what really became torauma surprise if boring-banal end to a romantic line.

And yet… we do with what we have, watching the talented game of actors, enveloping atmosphere in pastel colours, and listening to music (this time will highlight Kim Jong Wan (Nell) — The Memory Of That Day), perfectly harmonizing with the on-screen picture.

New review: a Suspicious partner 26.07.2017

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